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How to review the market? Best from above!

Planning, marketing and governance of products and services literally occupy “space” while thinking and acting in an entrepreneurial manner. Therefore, the spatial component is becoming more and more important for the analysis of business locations and sales and communication channels. The central interface for such spatial data and information is geomarketing, a tool which provides deeper inside into the market, the competitors and the customers.

Markin has the necessary know-how and offers visualized market overviews by means of cartography and geocoded market, customer and business data like regional sales distribution and new clients potential per business location.

Our services:

  • Specific location analyses for the planning, evaluation and governance of single branches right up to large branch networks (for sales, field staff, logistics, etc.).
  • Analyses of competitors, purchasing power, frequency, supply chains in the market in order to open up new markets in a targeted fashion or to use existing markets more effectively.
  • Target and target groups analyses, performance audits etc. in order to develop regionally different targets for sales and marketing.
  • Realisation of management workshops
  • Training and coaching for marketing and sales personnel