Competitive Intelligence 2017-05-19T10:16:54+01:00

There is strong competition. But where is it?

Medium-sized companies do sometimes feel at disadvantage regarding a substantial and continuous competition analysis compared to large companies? Quite rightly! Large companies often afford own employees or whole competitive intelligence divisions, which are adding value. With the markin service portfolio you would be able to analyse on equal terms and successfully compete with the large competitors. We support you with smart systems and software, with the know-how of our experts and with our various business data bases to add value and establish systematic processes step-by-step.

Our competitive intelligence services include:

  • Consulting and introduction of Competitive Intelligence Instruments
  • Generating competition analysis
  • Continuous data base research on competitor behaviour
  • Outsourcing partner for competitive intelligence requirements
  • Provision and integration of software-based competitive intelligence solutions

You can receive individual consulting whether a SharePoint solution should be applied or the competition monitor of the prestigious Steinbeis-Institut would be more suitable.